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20 DVDs for $19.99 FREE Shipping


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Excel list of DVDs for deal

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PDF list of DVDs for deal

Click here to go to our page with the full DVD/Blu-ray Lists.  For the 20 for $19.99 Deal, use the lists on this page.

4220 Titles!

Steps on how to place a 20 DVD for $19.99 Order:


   1.  Download or View list of DVDs in the Excel or PDF file above (or look at DVDs displayed at bottom of page).


   2.  Pick 20 DVDs that you want plus 2-3 alternates just in case I am out of stock on any of your 20 choices.

             (so that means you send me a list of 22 or 23 DVD titles)


   3.  Purchase the eBay listing found here -



   4.  Message me the list of 22-23 choices and I will get this shipped out to you.

         (*** If you desire more than 20 DVDs and/or you want DVDs I have that are not on this list, message me for the best deal)